Communicating with Children

Blah! Blah! How to Communicate with Children with Autism

I often picture the famous Peanuts comic strip adult speech when I’m trying to communicate with my son. I know what I’m talking about, but all he seems to hear is WAH, wah, WAH . . . He’s now a teen, and over the years we as parents have ripped our hair out trying to find the best ways to communicate with … Read more

10 Tips to

10 Tips to Negotiate a Successful IEP for Kids with High-Functioning Autism

It can be intimidating for parents of children with specific needs to address school teachers and leaders in IEP meetings. Over the years, my husband and I have attended many IEP meetings together. We’ve found that mutual success occurs when good negotiation skills are learned and practiced. We hope you’ll find the following tips helpful as you … Read more

8 Tips to Relieve Back-to-School Anxiety for Kids with Autism

8 Tips to Relieve Back-to-School Anxiety for Kids with Autism

It’s the beginning of the school year, and likely you and your child have survived the first week. For many kids with autism, the first few days are overwhelming and full of fear, meltdowns, and a variety of other behaviors. With my son, who’s now in eigth grade, the transition was better this year, even … Read more

Is it High-Functioning Autism-

Is it Aspergers or High-Functioning Autism?

Should I refer to my child as having high-functioning aspergers or high-functioning autism? Years ago, my initial response to this question was, “Does it really matter?” Today, I still don’t think the specifics matter much because the needed treatments and coping skills are largely the same for both. In a nutshell, autism has a language delay, while aspergers supposedly does … Read more